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Saturday, March 23rd

METCON: 20 Minute AMRAP: 7 Power Cleans (135/95) 7 Burpees 200m Run

If unable to run, complete:

300m Row

10 Calorie Bike

The run must be completed in full to count towards your score. To match the stimulus, we are looking to a power clean weight that we could complete for 15+ repetitions unbroken. Seeking the moderate load that we could hang on for each round. The burpees are “regular”, or maybe better said, not burpees over the bar. Looking for extension and the clap overhead.

Inside this triplet, we have two relatively simple movements combined with a run. In other words, this is a workout based on building raw work capacity. Pacing here through the rounds is a very important factor to enter this workout with to optimize our score. In a 20 minute effort, we are looking for our first and second rounds to be some of the slowest – not the fastest.

We want to view the run in this workout as our chance to recover from the power cleans and burpees. But today let’s focus not just on “pacing” these runs, but also focus on what we are actually doing with our breathing during the 200 meters.

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