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Monday, March 25th


It’s been a strong five weeks. It’s time to give our bodies and minds a period to recover with a deload week. Even if we did not “compete” in the Open this year, by simply doing the workouts, we performed at a higher level. Our adrenals fired stronger, our fight-or-flight system has kicked in harder. Despite it being only five weeks, we want to recharge here. We're going to reduce our prescribed volume by about 60% this week. This deload week is also so that, in a week from today, we can turn the page to building something new. “Grunt work” starts Monday April 1st… Time to get strong!!



3-Position Power Snatch (high hang, hang and floor - video below)

Every 2 Minutes for 6 Sets:

Set 1 - 60% of estimated 1RM Power Snatch Set 2 - 64% Set 3 - 68% Set 4 - 60% Set 5 - 64% Set 6 - 68% Two waves, climbing by 4% each set. Aim is to keep the loading on the lighter side as we dial in technique today. 



22-18-14-10: Alternating Dumbbell Snatch(50/35) Sit-Ups Burpees Sit-Ups

A single piece on the start of our de-load week, and an effort intended to facilitate a smooth recovery from 19.5.

Descending by 4 repetitions per round, our aim is a steady state through its duration. At a total of 64 repetitions of the snatches/burpees, and 128 sit-ups, our pacer is the work on the ab-mats. A smooth, methodical, breathing pace allows us to move through strong sets on the power snatches and burpees. Let's place our effort there, where we can recover our breathing on the sit-ups.

3-Position Power Snatch

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