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September Spotlight athlete of the month - Meet Tatiana!

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A little about Tatiana!

Tell us about yourself?

Born and raised here in Seattle, eldest of three, and graduated from the Foster School of Business at UW- Go Dawgs! I work in marketing in the automotive industry and have a passion for traveling. I have a ton of family and am a proud Godmother of four Goddaughters.

How did you hear about CrossFit Burien?

I heard about CFB through my cousin. She convinced me to sign up with her on a month-long trial. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I also come from a family full of “CrossFitters who’ve been doing it since 2009.

Why do you do Crossfit?

I CrossFit to stay active and healthy. It’s definitely challenging and it pushes me out of my comfort zone, but the energy and support from fellow athletes and coaches is unreal. I’m obsessed with the team atmosphere and sense of accomplishment CrossFit provides.

What are a few of your favorite memories from Crossfit Burien?

My favorite memories so far have been the CrossFit Games Open Workouts, specifically the finally one, 17.5, which included 90 thrusters. Growing up, I never really participated in organized sports and wasn’t the athletic type, so do these open workouts in front of groups of people was terrifying to me. I also didn’t think I’d finish 17.5 in the time cap. Coach Jason really calmed my nerves a few minutes before it started and gave me some confidence. Then, Coach Andrew was right there on the sidelines, with words of encouragement. Such a rewarding feeling afterwards.

What are some short-term goals that you have recently achieved and some long term goals that you would like to achieve?

I recently accomplished my first fully-RX workout! My long-term goals include handstand push ups and unassisted pull ups.

What is one piece of advice that you would pass along to a new athlete who is just starting Crossfit?

Know you can do it. The movements are scalable and the coaches are there for you. One day, everything will click. The workouts don’t necessarily get easier, since you’re adding more weight to the barbell as you get stronger, but they do become more manageable.

Fill in the blanks:

My favorite WOD is… Fight Gone Bad

In the summer I like to… Be by the water (boating, swimming, jet skiing), go camping, and bbq-ing with friends and fam.

I really want to travel to… Italy, Greece, and Australia.

My ideal weekend includes… Traveling, yay for “Fly Away Fridays”!

My favorite food is… French fries

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