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October Spotlight athlete of the month - Meet Joe!

Check out our Spotlight Member Page to read about our Current Athlete of the Month!

You know those people you think have been doing CrossFit for years but it's really only been a few months? Joe is one of those athletes. He started with us mid 2017 and hit the ground running. Everyday he walks in with a smile on his face and hunger in his heart to craft his sport. He intently listens to the instruction that our coaches offer, and he cares about mastering skills and performing with efficiency over an RX score. Joe is the type of athlete that every coach takes pride in, and is an outstanding example of the CrossFit culture. Walk into the gym and see a workout with running or body weight movements, and get ready to see Joe steal the show! He is lightning fast, and has an engine for days. With the dedication and progress Joe has made over these past few months, we are so excited to see the athlete that he will be in another year! Thanks for joining our family Joe, CFB wouldn't be the same without you!

A little about JOE!

Tell us about yourself?

I’m 25 years old. I moved to Seattle 2 years ago from Salt Lake City, Utah after being promoted to Field Service Manager with Delta Air Lines. I was born in Texas and have lived in Miami, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Spain. I ran track in high school and at the University of South Carolina.

How did you hear about CrossFit Burien?

I first heard about Crossfit Burien from my boss, Peter, who had previously been a part of the gym. After some friendly competition, we both decided to join the gym.

Why do you do Crossfit?

I joined Crossfit because I wanted to change my lifestyle and focus on my all around health and fitness. After starting, it not only has been helpful physically but it’s a great place to go to relieve stress and emotionally unwind after a long day. The people rock!!

What are a few of your favorite memories from Crossfit Burien?

  1. My first time walking into the gym extremely nervous but feeling welcome from everyone – it wasn’t as bad as I thought

  2. The first time a blister on my hand broke during a WOD, and everyone in the gym clapped J

  3. Running a 5K together

What are some short-term goals that you have recently achieved and some long term goals that you would like to achieve?

A few short term goals that I have recently achieved have been deadlifting my weight during a WOD as well as hit a 1 rep max of 155 for front squat which was my weight as well. Not having run a 5k in several years, I set a goal to try and run a sub 23 minute 5k, and on race day I was able to run a sub 21 min 5k (20.48). I also did 4 drop-in’s while in Brazil which was an awesome experience that I never imagined doing before.

The biggest long term goal that I would like to achieve is to complete an ironman triathlon. Completing an ironman has been a bucket list item of mine, and now I actually feel like it’s doable within the next year or two even though I’m still waiting for any of my friends to agree to do it with me…:/. A few things that I’d like to achieve at the gym would be mastering more of the gymnastics side to Crossfit like muscle ups or even ring muscle-ups and also hitting 50 double-unders unbroken. Overall though, I want to be able to maintain a healthy fit lifestyle.

What is one piece of advice that you would pass along to a new athlete who is just starting Crossfit?

One isn’t enough so I’ll give three:

  1. Have fun

  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

  3. Don’t be afraid to push yourself a little bit harder everyday – leave it all at the gym

Fill in the blanks:

My favorite WOD is… anything that involves running and burpees (Hero WOD – Emily)

In the summer I like to… hang out at the beach and surf and paddleboard with friends

I really want to travel to… Antarctica/Patagonian Cruise

My ideal weekend includes… not thinking or having to do anything related to work. Traveling around and doing a “drop-in” in a new city.

My favorite food is… pasta (Cheesecake Factory!!)

Extra comments?

A big thanks to everyone in the gym. It’s because of all of your encouragement and motivation that I’m able to push myself harder and improve my technique. Maybe one day I’ll be a coach?!

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