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December Spotlight Athlete - Meet Alex!

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For those of you who don’t know Alex, it’s because he’s putting in his maximum effort daily while most people are sleeping. Alex started at CrossFit Burien in August of 2017 and hasn’t missed many 5 am classes since, yes, that’s right, he’s been at almost every 5 am class since August! Alex comes in with a positive attitude everyday regardless of how hard the workout is he has to tackle before sunrise. Alex is fun to coach and open to trying new and challenging movements. He recently connected toes to bar and kipping handstand push-ups bring his Rx game to a whole new level. Alex is a consistent member of the 5 am club and we feel lucky to have him as part of the CFB family! We strongly suggest everybody comes in at 5 am and completes a workout with Alex, our December athlete of the month!

Name: Alex Murrey Years doing Crossfit: Just diving in to my 5th month! Member at Crossfit Burien Since: 5 months

Tell us about yourself?

Moved to three tree point two years ago from seattle. Brittney and I just got engaged this last summer and are busy planning a wedding for July of 2018! When we aren’t wedding planning, we spend a ton of time with our dog Ollie who we adopted from a rescue last year. I love spending my free time with family and friends, and am always on the search for the next great wine and winery!

How did you hear about Crossfit Burien?

I drove by after living in the burien area for about a year. I have a great friend of mine who is a crossfit coach. After him harping on me to try it for years, I finally decided to give it a shot!

Why do you do Crossfit?

To get into shape and have the ability to tackle any fitness challenge I find myself in. I am always taking on challenges with friends, and decided that if i was going to do them, I should get in better shape than i was in!

What are a few of your favorite memories from Crossfit Burien?

Showing up at 5 am this last halloween in a full on mullet wig and some extra short shorts. That wig really started to itch when the workout got hard and the sweat started pouring!

Also, friendsiving this last November. so many fun, cool people that were great to get to know outside of the gym setting. It turns out that 5 am on most weekdays isn’t the most chatty time of day 😉

What are some short-term goals that you have recently achieved and some long-term goals that you would like to achieve?

Short term goal recently achieved - Finally figuring out kipping handstand pushups. Those things are tougher than they look!

Long term goal - Bar muscle ups & Grace in under 3 minutes

What is one piece of advice that you would pass along to a new athlete who is just starting Crossfit?

Stick with it. some of the workouts can really kill you at first, but improvements come super quick if you are consistent in making it to class!

Fill in the blanks: My favorite WOD is… Grace

In the summer I like to… Spend time with friends, especially out on the water

I really want to travel to… Pretty much anywhere in europe. Never been but will make it soon!

My ideal weekend includes… Spending time with Britt and friends/family. I’m always up for a new adventure!

My favorite food is… Pizza. Love it!

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