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February Spotlight is...Brenda!

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Our February 2018 Spotlight Athlete of the Month is….Brenda Colson!!

If you don’t know who Brenda is, it’s because you’re probably sleeping. Brenda is one of the most consistent members at our 5AM class. She always comes in the gym with a great attitude and is ready to work. We love that Brenda is extremely coachable and she doesn’t hesitate to push herself or try new things. For anybody who hasn’t seen the video, Brenda got her first bar muscle up recently! Such a huge accomplishment for a tough gymnastics movement. Way to go Brenda! Her dedication also continues outside the gym with her excellent performance in the 6 week nutrition challenge. Check out the rest of Brenda’s Spotlight profile on our website, and be sure to give her a high five the next time you see her in class!

Name: Brenda Colson Years doing Crossfit: On and off since 2012 depending on my work hours and the gym schedule (yay for 5am!)

Member at Crossfit Burien Since: 2012

Tell us about yourself? I am a nurse at Seattle Children’s. I have an amazing husband, Vinny (we just got married last year), and my family is really cool too. I’m lucky they all live nearby, including my 2 nieces and nephew who are pretty much my favorite people. I’m always up for an adventure and really just try and enjoy and find joy in every day of this crazy, wonderful life. How did you hear about Crossfit Burien? Just from living here – homegrown, B-town native Why do you do Crossfit? I do CrossFit to challenge myself, be healthy and stay sane! I love that CrossFit makes me feel strong and confident – seeing what we are capable of on a daily basis gives me such an appreciation for our amazing bodies. Doing CrossFit pushes me beyond my comfort zone, encourages me to take care of my body beyond just the daily workout (loving this nutrition challenge), builds our community and is just amazing. What are a few of your favorite memories from Crossfit Burien? Cheering people on at Friday Night Lights is so fun Seeing the daily work everyone puts in and being able to celebrate with them in their victories! I love when my nieces (3 and 6) insist on coming to 5am class Getting my mom and my husband to join the CrossFit family as well and seeing their crazy awesome improvements What are some short-term goals that you have recently achieved and some long-term goals that you would like to achieve? I had a goal of getting a bar muscle-up in 2018 and just got it. My new goal is to be able to handstand walk the length of the gym.

What is one piece of advice that you would pass along to a new athlete who is just starting Crossfit? Make it your workout however you need to for what your body needs each day- it’s okay to modify the workout as much as you need. It can be intimidating sometimes, especially with movements that you don’t feel very confident in but just coming and doing what you can each day will really help you see improvements.

My favorite WOD is… Annie In the summer I like to… Do anything outside – especially on the water or at the pool I really want to travel to… Iceland My ideal weekend includes… Getting outside, doing something active with my husband, eating yummy food and drinking a chai latte of course My favorite food is… Mexican food :) (all of it!)

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