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April Spotlight Athlete of the month - LEA!

It's rare to have to opportunity to coach an athlete like Lea. She's incredibly driven, constantly setting goals and working on the little things that are far from glamorous in order to reach them. She's equal parts competitive and supportive with the athletes around her, and more often than not competing with herself to surpass what she knows she is capable of. And lastly, she's humble. She welcomes critique and correction from coaches, recognizes her own limitations (then CRUSHES them), and sincerely congratulates the CFB family members around her when they wreck a workout. As the highest scoring female athlete at CrossFit Burien in the 2018 open, she spent no time celebrating or sitting comfortably in her current state - she came out the very next week to nail a bar muscle up, after recently hitting a HUGE PR on her squat snatch. Lea's work ethic and presence at the gym is an inspiring picture of continuous improvement and accomplishing what you set your mind to. WE WANT TO BE LIKE LEA WHEN WE GROW UP!! Thanks for being such an amazing person, athlete, and role model at CFB!

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